“Survivor Series” Could Have Been “Turnt Up,” Instead Simply Trying for Survival

John Cena could have done what’s best for business this past Sunday at “Hell-in-a-Cell.”  He could have turned the WWE on its ear with a heel turn that would have echoed across the ages. This “Survivor Series” could have been one of the highest-watched in the history of the WWE. Instead, we are mired in a dry rerun of main events that don’t have a whole lot of drawing power.

Before we get to the fantasy booking, let’s get the Nyquil out of the way. Randy Orton vs. Big Show? This match is supposed to be the main draw? It surely can’t be the other main event…the GHB that is Super Cena vs. Alberto del Snoozo. And wasn’t “Survivor Series” originally about large tag matches. The featured 4-man match feels like it is burying CM Punk and Daniel Bryan against mid-carders. Sure, the Wyatt’s are creepy and growing on fans. However, they are not a task for Punk and Bryan. There could have been a better way.

Imagine, a Cena heel turn would have made hiindexwm join Orton as “faces” of the company. The moment Cena turned would have been the WWE moment that would burn deep into the memory centers of fans for their entire lives. Yes, it would be betrayal. Yes, he would be hated. However, the alliance between Cena and Orton would set the table for the “faces” chase the titles epic fan support.

Fresh off the betrayal, Daniel Bryan could challenge heel Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship. The love for Bryan and the hate for Cena would be the “perfect storm” that would make “Survivor Series” worth buying. The finish of that match would blow the doors off the arena, regardless if they were cheers for Bryan or boos for Cena.

Then, you add CM Punk to the mix as Bryan’s ally in fighting the establishment and Orton’s foe for “Survivor Series.” Talk about value for your money! Let those four loose on the microphone against each other over the next few weeks, and you have an overwhelming buildup. It would fast track to the top two feuds of the year, exposing fans to superior out-of and in-ring action.

How would we book the finishes? With this kind of event, who cares. The electricity and energy would be worth every penny spent. And it would be huge.

As a bonus, Big Show could bring three allies and take on HHH and the establishment (like the Shield). Add to that a four-team tag match that has potential for maximum entertainment, and you have the foundation for a mid-card that keeps fans interested.

Sadly, WWE and Cena took the same ‘ol, same ‘ol approach we have seen before. Sadly, the top of the card for “Survivor Series” reflects that approach and already feels too stale and predictable.

Cena heel could have equaled best PPV of the year. Super Cena equals a “Series” trying desperately to “Survive.”

And we aren’t the only ones who see it:




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The Biggest Heel-Turn of All Time

The NWO, Hogan goes “Hollywood,” The McMahon-Helmsley era, Degeneration X,  Austin vs. McMahon—These moments were the modern wrestling equivalent of the stars aligning perfectly.  Whether accidental or planned, these moments were iconic in the history of wrestling and energized fan basses for long runs of quality product and polarized feelings toward faces and heels. They were crossroads where the right decisions were made and the interest and ratings soared.

With the current “Face of the Company” storyline, the WWE is at another one of those moments. It is a moment that could create the kind of “heat” we haven’t seen in years. It is a moment that would elevate the World Championship title to a level close or equal to the WWE title. It is a moment where WWE’s capable youth movement can be elevated to levels near Daniel Bryan status. And It is a moment where the WWE would be creating an epic confrontation for Wrestlemania 30 which the fans will be fully invested in as a result of the “heat” and “hatred” this turn of events would create.

It is the moment that John Cena needs to do “What’s good for business,” align with HHH, and join Randy Orton as “The Face of the Company.” We realize that the idea has been tossed around before. However, this is that perfect moment. It is this move that will take the momentum generated by the Daniel Bryan storyline and create a ripple that resonates across wrestling history. Not only would rejuvenate the World Championship as a title to respect, but it would also lead to catastrophic heat all the way into Wrestlemania 30.

Imagine, after Cena wins the title during “Hell-in-a-Cell,” he is walking by HHH who is talking to Shawn Michaels about what is good for business and why Daniel Bryan should not win his match.  Cena states, “I don’t understand why you think Daniel Bryan isn’t good for business. What’s next? Am I and my five moves of doom not good for business?”

HHH approaches Cena, puts an arm around him and says, “I’ll explain it to you in a second…but first, I have a proposition for you…” (Fade to black).

This short sequence casts doubt and mystery on the main event and hints that Cena could be swayed by HHH. After the next match, HHH makes an announcement. The main event is now a triple threat between Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and…John Cena! “I know he already won the World Heavyweight championship. However, a unified title would be good for business. And John Cena can clearly be the face of the company.”

The main event lasts a good amount of time. Toward the end, HHH walks out. Cena locks eyes on HHH who nods his head. Cena hits the attitude adjustment on Bryan, then pulls a fallen Orton on top of him. Micahels delivers the three count. Cena has just turned heel and screwed Bryan out of the title. Bryan pops up and starts screaming at Cena “No! No! No! No!” As he turns, Michaels hits sweet chin music. Michaels then raises the hands of both Orton and Cena.

The ratings for RAW the following night would be very high. Cena, hated by many and revered by the rest, has made the most incredible heel turn since Hulk Hogan went Hollywood. The RAW on this night would signal the start of the “Face of the Company” era with heel Cena and heel Orton at the focal point. The amount of heat on Orton would be big; however, the amount of heat Cena would get from fans would be off the chart especially after he begins cutting promos that cut down the people and raise him above all of the other superstars, except Orton. The “boos” will be deafening. Cena will become the most hated man in the company in a very long time.  And, because of this, the World Title because an ‘A’ list product (especially since Cena will hold it for a while)

Imagine all of the promos he can cut against other superstars to humiliate then and disgrace them. He can begin his campaign of verbally degrading nearly the entire roster of the WWE as he and Orton settle in to the glitz and glamour of the “face of the company” storyline. As anointed kings of the WWE, we would see them being pampered frequently and highlights from public appearances (these appearances would be designed to make them look superficial and add to the existing heat). HHH could even go on hiatus and give “creative control” of RAW to Orton and Cena. The night he does that, he could unveil two giant posters of “good for business” portraits of Cena and Orton (ala McMahon/Helmsley era). They could even accept The Shield as “followers,” but this is unnecessary.

With control of RAW, both superstars can protect their titles and humiliate challengers, specifically those who are a threat to Cena. Here is where the heat on Cena will escalate and will push young challengers. Cena will work with these performers to get them over with the fans despite the fact Cena will retain the title.

Guys like Ziggler, Rhodes, Cesario could all seize the crowd support and their stock would rise, rise, rise to cement them as main eventers. The war of words would be outstanding. Heel Cena versus all of these guys is must see television. Heck, even Big Show and Cena can have a brief fued that would feel fresh.

Guys like Sandow and other heels could show not only respect, but even a little boot liking and hero worship of these “faces of the company” who were now dictating the pace of everything. Heels would need to become sycophants to maintain their status.

Ultimately, I don’t know when Orton would lose the title. However, by this point, Cena would be the main target anyway, especially after he stacked the first five of the Royal Rumble with his most recent challengers and fan favorites like Daniel Bryan, as well as the last five (maybe including the Shield or some other Heel group that would work together). Daniel Bryan starting No. 1 and winning the rumble would be epic and put him in the “all time” echelon.  During the event, Cena said he’d have a big announcement about his next challenge as “face of the company.”

 That next night, when fans are watching to see who Bryan will pick and what Cena has to say, there will be an epic confrontation between Cena, Bryan, and the WWE champion (preferably a heel). Bryan will verbally oscillate between the two until Cena tells him to “Shut up!”

“Before you make any rash decisions, you need to know something. I am surrendering this belt as the reward for winning the upcoming King of the Ring pay-per-view. Oh trust me, I’ll still have an interest in the event because I’m entering (name three to four heels) and making sure they have opponents they can easily dispatch. Also, I’ll be the guest referee…for every single match in the tournament. As the face of the company, I should be visible at all times.

“Oh and Daniel…before you get any ideas about entering the tournament…you will have to earn your spot by running the gauntlet three RAWs in a row…starting tonight against the Wyatt family.”

Bryan responds by stirring up the crowd and Cena hits him with the AA. The other heel champion is busy laughing and pointing.

Cena continues, “So WWE Universe…There is a reason I am relinquishing this championship. As your face and hero, I have my sights on a much bigger target and need to focus on training for the match up. A couple years ago, I was talking to a superstar who said that if he had to give his legacy in the WWE to anyone, it would be me. It’s high time for me to take his legacy as my own. At Wrestlemania 30, I will destroy and humiliate….the UNDERTAKER!” (Mircophone drops)

Raw continues as normal. Cena comes to ringside to intimidate Bryan. Bryan wins the gauntlet, but Cena enters and hits Bryan with attitude adjustment. He puts a T-Shirt on him that says “Undertaker.” He covers and counts 1-2-3 and talks into camera about how the Undertaker is next. Camera fades.

It has been long talked about that Cena vs. Undertaker is one of the last possible matches where people would believe that Cena has a chance to defeat the Undertaker. This creates the perfect setup. The story could be built any number of the following ways:

  • Showing Cena in extreme training (both offense and taking blows)
  • Cena tapping into darker powers by training with the likes of the Wyatt family
  • Getting the match  turned into a no DQ, extreme rules match with weapons.
  • Face HHH reappearing on TV and questioning Cena’s goals and his ability to follow through.
  • Heel HHH doing the same and also finding ways to harm the Undertaker and increase Cena’s chances.
  • But, most importantly, have a “candid” recording of the Undertaker from a couple years ago talking to someone about how he would destroy HHH, but, if it was John Cena, he would be open to Cena defeating the streak because Cena was potentially the greatest of all time.  This would force the Undertaker to own the comments and rally against them. Furthermore, it would give smart marks a reason to believe that the Streak could really come to an end.

At Wrestlemania 30, you make “The Streak” the main even match. With all Cena’s heat and real doubt about the outcome, the near falls would have the fans on the edges of their seats. Cena could work with Taker to make this a match fans remember for all time…no matter who is the victor.

Where does heel Cena go after that? Hard to say. We are only focused on an epic storyline that would define the WWE through the Rumble and Wrestlemania. It’s long-term storytelling that will get fans to invest in a way that hasn’t been seen in the WWE in a long time.

Cena…if you are reading this…this is the story that will make you one of the best ever for all fans.